Exhibiting – From Good to Great

We’ve lived and breathed exhibiting and live events for over 25 years.

And the sights we see continue to amaze and baffle us.

Why spend your marketing budget on floor space and a great looking exhibition stand, if the stand staff team don’t know what they are there to achieve?

We also see exhibitors that clearly have an experienced group of individuals engaging and talking to visitors, but they don’t work as a team.

We know that 80% of the success of the exhibition is down to the stand staff working on the exhibition stand – let’s give them the best chance possible to be as effective and successful as possible! Develop your team and they will deliver.

We offer a range of Exhibitor Workshops designed to develop the skills and mindset of your exhibiting team. We show you how, by challenging the mindset and developing the skills, you can achieve real, tangible and measurable success through exhibiting.

Our workshops are most relevant for teams of 6 or more – both inexperienced and experienced. We take you from being a good exhibitor to a great exhibitor in a fun, interactive session that gets you thinking differently and embracing the massive opportunity face to face marketing offers. For the less experienced, you’ll pick up heaps of best practice and you’ll benefit from the discussion generated from the wider group and your experience colleagues. For smaller teams we offer sessions from time to time for groups of exhibiting companies where we can share the experiences of different types of organisations.

Find out about our facilitators

If you’re exhibiting this year and you’d like to do it better, send us a message or call us on 01455 886400.

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