It’s all very well having great looking online and offline marketing materials but a real shame when the copy is badly written and key messages missed or misunderstood. Powerful copywriting can make the difference between a good and a bad marketing campaign.

When you design a great piece of direct mail, the words need to convey the message and have meaning. If not, it's likely to go in the bin or be deleted.

In any marketing campaign, try not to rely on a single medium to get the results you want. If you only send out sales letters you will miss the prospects that only respond to emails and vice versa.


Choose the right tone of voice

At Marketingesp we understand this core principle of marketing. We also understand that it takes different writing styles for online and offline communication.

We know and understand the fundamentals of powerful and compelling copywriting. We’ve written for projects including:

  • Newsletters and e-news
  • Websites
  • Social media and blogs
  • Brochures and product literature
  • Direct mail campaigns and postcard mailers
  • Advertising campaigns

Want to talk copywriting?

Why not get in touch and tell us about the story you'd like to tell. We can do the rest.