Exhibition Promotion

Promoting your presence at exhibitions and trade shows involves developing promotional opportunities to attract business and communicate a consistent image/message to your audience.

Research shows 76% of visitors at an exhibition arrive with a fixed agenda, meaning they have planned their visit, who they want to visit and what they want to accomplish. Promoting your presence at an exhibition or trade show is about you getting on the visitors’ agenda.

Your exhibition promotional campaign should accomplish three objections:

  • Attract visitors to your stand
  • Engage visitors and allow interaction
  • Get your products or services remembered

Give visitors compelling reasons why they need to stop by your stand and have a conversation with you.

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Give visitors compelling reasons why they need to stop by your stand and engage in conversation with you.

Promoting your exhibition or trade show includes activities such as:

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Social media activities
  • Mobile marketing campaigns
  • Website marketing initiatives
  • Experiential marketing activities
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • PR and media opportunities
  • Advertising opportunities
  • Sponsorship opportunities

Take advantage of as many promotional opportunities as possible making sure they fit into your overall sales and marketing objectives and your budget. Make sure your promotional activity is integrated and consistent in the messages it conveys.

Everything you represent is on show - make in count

Everything your company represents is being exhibited on the show floor. Everything you present needs clarity, consistency and focus. When you are creating your exhibition marketing and promotional campaign think about:

  • Pre-show activity
  • At-show activity
  • Post-show activity
  • How you tie these elements together in a cohesive and integrated marketing programme

At Marketingesp, we create pre-show, at-show and post-show campaigns and we train the exhibiting team to. Get in touch to find out how.