Offline marketing

Traditional marketing methods still work!

At Marketingesp, we combine dynamic graphic design and powerful print with compelling copy and intelligent campaigns. When we talk about Offline Marketing we mean all the elements of what is considered ‘traditional’ marketing, many of which you should be using as part of a multi-channel campaign. Traditional marketing communication methods are still used because they work – it’s just that many companies need some help in understanding how to integrate them into their campaigns and achieve maximum benefit.

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Design and Print

From corporate brochures and sales literature to product directories and financial reports. There remains a place for the design and print of marketing collateral.

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Direct Marketing

It’s still a numbers game but with modern technology the level of personalisation available means that you can now reach much more precisely your target audience, increase dramatically your response rates and grow more sales. Direct marketing when used in conjunction with customer profiling and customer segmentation is an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

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It’s all very well having great looking online and offline marketing materials but a crying shame when the copy is badly written and key messages missed or misunderstood. Powerful copywriting can make the difference between a good and a bad marketing campaign.

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Print Management

Get the creative design right, the words right, the target audience right and then print your marketing collateral badly on poor paper stock and with the wrong choice of finish and it’ll be a waste of time.

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