Design and Print

From corporate brochures and sales literature to product directories and financial reports. There remains a place for the design and print of marketing collateral. Many customers still like the look and feel of a brochure or sales literature to assist them in making their purchasing decision.

There are four main types of brochure:

  • Corporate brochures – sell the capability of the business and establish trust with the customer
  • Sales brochures – sell the benefit to the prospective customer
  • Product or service directories – detail in an easy to follow format, the products/services you sell so prospective customers can make their selection easily
  • Financial reports – don’t have to be boring, legal documents. They can project your company in a positive manner to stakeholders even if the contents are not quite as positive.

Marketingesp can help you decide which brochure format or combination of formats works best for your organisation, your objectives and your customer base. We’ll also help you decide whether your literature should be online, offline or a combination of both.


We design, copywrite and produce all sorts of marketing literature including:

  • Newsletters and e-news
  • Corporate brochures
  • Sales literature and product information
  • Direct marketing campaigns
  • Product or service directories
  • Media packs

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